Whether your business is retail, product based, a personal brand, it’s fairly certain that would benefit greatly from building an email newsletter list. It connects you with prospects and those potential customers and clients with a passing interest in your offering and of course actual buyers.

It’s one of the older forms of communication and doesn’t seem as sexy as Instagram but it’s solid strategy and it works.

Remember, always give value first before selling. Naturally, different business types will need unique strategies but you won’t go far wrong with this method. Using an ‘autoresponder’ or ‘automated’ service allows you to build a relationship with a feed of emails at regular intervals.

Here’s a brief overview of three email platforms we’ve used and recommend that offer automation.


Aweber’s Email List growth Course

AWeber is a ole’ grandpa compared to some of the newer outfits on the block, having been around since 1998 but don’t let the wrinkles fool you. Aweber is still considered one of the popular email marketing tools with more than 120,000 users with updates and new features being added on a regular basis.

The core functionality of AWeber is focused on its autoresponder setup. The home dashboard is quite intuitive and easy to navigate and features like automation rules, segmentation, advanced integration options, and split testing are all included.

Pricing: Currently you’re looking prices starting at $19 per month although there is a free option for up to 500 subs.


MailerLite is an email marketing tool with features like a pop-up customizer and landing page builder, a drag-and-drop email builder, built-in photo editor and a rich text editor to create stunning emails. Other features include In-email quizzes, surveys and other interactive elements as well as pop-up variations. The yhave also recently introduced Dynamic email content that enables you to add targeted content within your email that is only visible to a specific audience. Nice!

You can run split tests of your emails and MailerLite also provides comprehensive stats like unsubscribe rate, click rate, open rate, and more as you would expect.


From Free (for up to 1k subs but with limited features) to $100 p/m if you need a dedicated manager to help you get set up and priority support.

Sign up with this link for a 30 day trial with premium features:


Convertkit is a full-featured email service provider formed by Nathan Barry. It is a fast-growing email marketing campaign with an easy automation feature. It also provides landing pages and sign-up forms to help bring in more subscribers.


Free for up to 1k subs with limited features (and no automation)

One main difference between MailerLite and ConvertKit/Aweber is they do not offer drag and drop templates. ConvertKit would argue, rightly, that this produces a cleaner, less bulky template that helps deliverability.

They also offer direct integrations with ecommerce, webinar, and course creation platforms including Gumroad, Patreon, Wishlist and many many more.

Plus you can get started by turning your current content into a sellable product through ConvertKit Commerce.
ConvertKit Commerce makes it easy for you to get paid for your work and earn a living online without needing a complicated ecommerce website.

Convertkit is powerful, easy to use, and designed for one type of targeted audience.

Starting from $29 P/M inc automation

If you’re a small business or a personal brand looking to build a funnel or launch a newsletter get in contact. We’d love to help.

Please note: This is our affiliate disclaimer. We are affiliated with the above platforms and will make a commission should you use the link and join. You will pay the same amount, we just get rewarded for introducing you. Thanks!