Author Services

Your publishing mentor, partner and assistant

Are you an author trying to negotiate the maze of self-publishing but frustrated at the long learning curve?

Self-publishing is a journey which requires many different skills to be developed if you want visibility for your books and the best possible chance for your product to succeed in the marketplace.

We can help with:

  • Designing and building a website platform for your author brand.
  • Setting up an automated email newsletter to engage your readers.
  • Managing your social media channels.
  • Professionally designing book covers that ‘pop’ on the physical and virtual bookshelves.
  • Professionally editing and proofreading your manuscripts.
  • Helping with ebook marketing to increase visibility for your books via Amazon, Facebook, Bookbub and book promotional platforms.
  • Getting your books bookstore ready. Are your products available for the traditional bookstore market? If not, we can help.

This is just the tip of the iceberg but hopefully emphasises the point –  there’s a lot to learn!

Whether you’re an author of fiction novels or have a business brand you want to strengthen with an authoritative book, we can help manage all the above for you while you get on with the business of writing and creating.

Bonafide Media are currently looking for a select few client authors to work with who are in need of an exceptional publishing service.

If you have a book manuscript (fiction or non-fiction) ready to go and feel you need a team behind you to take on the workload please fill out our qualification form: